Website Design

Hi There!
websitedesignerI’m Stephan and I’ve been a freelance webmaster and web designer for over 13 years, having worked on numerous websites since 2000.

I offer advice on website design and user metrics, how to market your website, how to improve your search engine rankings, the best hosting options, domain name registration and more. I custom design a website for you or your business on a Content Management System that allows you to edit + update the website yourself. All my advice is based on my own 13 year + experience, and from making a full-time living online.

I offer turnkey website design solutions, custom-made to your particular requirements. As I make my living working as a web designer for several different companies, I can provide you with advice based on my extensive experience operating small businesses online.

I also run my OWN websites online – something other web designers don’t do. This gives me the opportunity to know what works and what doesn’t, and allows me to provide you with a service that is different from my competitors.

A website, with flashy graphics may look good, but won’t guarantee success, and won’t necessarily make you money. The website I can design for you will keep things simple but will focus on providing you with the results you need to increase inbound traffic, maximize profit, and boost business.

Small business sometimes falter because they get little inbound traffic or cannot be found on search engines. They have websites that were designed by graphic designers, not web designers who know all about internet marketing. I know how to create websites that can incorporate search engine optimization principles, meaning more people will find your website faster.

As a web designer, I will find a solution for your business and customize it to suit your particular requirements.  If you need a customized and comprehensive turnkey website solution in order to improve the visibility of your business on the internet, I have a solution for you. From domain registration, hosting, marketing and designing your website, I have real-life experience and can provide excellent levels of customer service.

Let me say this once again: don’t let a graphic designer design your website. The finished product may look attractive but often these designers know little about search engine optimization or how to increase the amount of traffic directed to your site. Remember, more traffic could lead to more sales. Often graphic designers will build a website which uses frames, which search engines like Google and Yahoo don’t like. These websites also usually have large graphics without any clear message or function.

With my extensive experience in the field, I can create a website that works for you and your business. I am a website designer who makes a full-time living by working online, marketing my client websites as well as my own.

If I become a web designer for you, you will get the following:

  • A website designed for your business, custom-made to your particular requirements
  • A website that utilizes search engine optimization principles
  • 3 Month Guarantee
  • Web domain name registration
  • Personal and hosting emails
  • HTML coding and meta tags which have been targeted for your intended demographic
  • Continued support and maintenance
  • Advice on how to market your website effectively

I do web design all over South Africa including clients from Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and even do web design work internationally. Email me your content and I can do the rest. If you are still unsure, just email me with any questions you have and I will reply promptly.

Finally, just remember a few things. Why do you have a website? Is it show off flashy images and graphics? Or is it to help your business make more money? If it is the latter, you have come to the right place. I am a web designer that can help you realize these goals, and can offer great value for money and excellent customer service.