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Why You Should Have Your Search Engine Marketing Done By An Expert

If you have ever been top on the search engine result for competitive keywords, you already know how important search engine marketing is in monetary terms. Being an experienced search engine marketer, I know for sure that most website designers fail their clients miserably who have put their trust in them when it comes to search engine marketing.


Graphic designers can create attractive websites with excellent graphics. They are capable of making websites that would make fortune 500 companies proud. However, these techies always neglect search engine marketing. They make this important element for any website to be last on their list of considerations.

This is a big problem for you because Google does not index your site automatically. Once you have a well designed website, you have to make an effort to market it.

One of the most common techniques used to market a new website is printing brochures, business cards, letterheads etc. that have the name of the website. This is a very useful technique because it helps to tell your potential and existing customer about the existence of your website.

However, the most important thing that you have to do to get traffic to your websites is online search engine marketing. This is because 85%-95% of the traffic to your website is going to come from search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and others.

Its getting harder and harder these days to be listed in the search the engines and it takes more time. This makes it necessary for website owners to stay informed about all the new changes that introduced from time to time. The search engine algorithms will always change and the change will affect your website’s rankings in either a good or bad way.

Is Search Engine Marketing Really Free?

Every single business out there wants to be ranked top on the search engine result. Your competitors too want to be listed among the top 10 search engine results. This is not an easy thing to achieve. The good thing is that there are two ways that can be used to optimize your website so that it can appear among the top 10 results with time. You need to execute your search engine marketing strategy carefully to achieve the top rankings.

Today, it takes more effort to rank well for your keywords in the search engines than one or two years ago. This is because the specific techniques that have to be used to get good rankings are always changing. Most of these techniques are very labour and time intensive. Therefore, even though you are going to receive “free traffic” from the search engines after some time, you will have paid for it in terms time and effort you dedicated in order to be ranked highly.

Factors That Must Be Considered For A Website To Rank High On Search Engines

On Page Factors

Your website has to be designed with the search engines in mind. This is very important because search engines usually analyze the content of your website in order to index you accordingly. To achieve on page optimization, you have to start by identifying keywords used by people when searching for the products and services you are offering. These keywords have to be incorporated into your website. This is exactly what I do when you have me design your website. I usually concentrate on the keywords that will help you search engine marketing.

Also, search engines love websites that add fresh new content on a regular basis. Fresh content helps to show search engines that your website is constantly providing useful information that adds to the internet’s knowledge base.

The search engines use a robot script known as a “spider”. The spider visits your website on a daily basis to check the content and index it appropriately. If you offer fresh content to the spider every time it visits, you will make it visits you website more often. The websites that get the most spider activity usually win. This means that the more the spider crawls on your site, the more they love it and the higher the priority they are going to give it. Your websites also has to be technically correct (i.e. no coding errors) to be friendly to search engines. This is what I do when building a website. I always check for errors before doing search engine marketing.

Off Page Factors

Off page factors make the largest part of your search engine marketing strategy. The most important off page strategy is to have many incoming links from relevant websites. This is because every link that you receive from another website that relates to your website topic gives you a vote of confidence from search engines. Every vote of confidence helps to make your website be seen by search engines as an authority website in a given topic. This can really help to improve your rankings. In some cases, only links can make your website rank well. From my experience, having good quality links pointing to your site contribute almost 70% to high rankings.

You need both on and off page factors to rank highly in search engines. Why should you have a beautifully designed website that can’t be found by search engines?

I Can Really Help You With Search Engine Marketing

I am a specialist in search engine marketing. I can help you get links from other relevant website to improve your ranking on search engines. This is long term strategy that should be implemented by any website owner that is serious about improving his/her website’s performance.

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